The safety of Wake Dental Care's patients and employees is of the utmost importance to us. We are closely following the CDC and ADA guidelines as they continue to be updated regularly. Read below to see what we are doing to promote a safe environment.

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As vaccinations continue to be distributed to more and more members of the American workforce, one of the recurring questions we are getting  concerns how to respond to patients who ask about whether or not your team has been vaccinated. In response to such a question, it’s important to remember that employee personal health information is protected in just the same way as your patients’ health information. Therefore, it is generally not a good idea to offer information to your patients that might expose any of your employees’ inability (or unwillingness) to get vaccinated.

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As a general rule, our waiting room area is closed and we are asking patients with an appointment to call or text us (919-363-3133) from the parking lot to help maintain social distance. Patients are screened over the phone for COVID-19 symptoms and asked to cancel their appointments if they believe there is any chance they could have COVID-19. We are requiring all patients to wear a facial covering when entering the office and at all times within the office unless you are in the treatment room. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one. The temperature of every patient entering the office will be recorded and only a reading under 100.0 degrees F will be admitted. Once in the treatment room, we will ask all patients to rinse with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to minimize the salivary viral load.


All of our employees have a temperature reading performed at the beginning of their shift and will be asked to go home if the reading is above 100.0 F. Every Wake Dental Care team member will be wearing a mask and in many cases, they will be wearing two masks, depending on the procedure being performed. Employees with direct patient contact will also be wearing surgical caps, safety glasses/loupes, and/or face shields. We are changing our surgical jackets frequently throughout the day and in some circumstances, we will be wearing disposable gowns. All employees are practicing social distancing while in the office and have been asked to practice excellent social distancing while not in the office.


A glass barrier was added to the front desk area to protect both employees and patients during check-in and check-out procedures. We upgraded our payment options to include some touchless options. In addition to our typical disinfection and sterilization procedures, per the CDC guidelines, we are now disinfecting the office daily with a fogger using hypochlorous acid (a mixture of distilled water, salt, and vinegar that we make right in the office so it's not a harsh chemical). See above for a video of this process being performed in our office.


Finally, we've made a conscious effort to clean the air in the office, even though this is not a requirement. We've installed a Surgically Clean Air Jade unit in each of the six operatories along with the waiting room. These are top of the line air purification units that use a HEPA filter, carbon filter, and UV light to minimize the aerosols and clean the air. In addition, we installed a Reme Halo unit in both of the HVAC units which ionizes the air running through our ductwork and exposes it to UV light. Here are videos of these specialized air purifiers.