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Straight teeth are an important aspect of an amazing smile. Sadly, we aren’t all born with straight teeth. Unlike other aspects of the cosmetic appearance of our teeth like the whiteness of our teeth and different fillings and replacements, there is nothing that we can do to avoid crooked teeth. While you cannot change the way your adult teeth erupt, you can adjust them once they are fully formed. This adjustment can be made with the use of braces.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign braces are an excellent alignment adjustment option for patients that would like the benefits of braces, without the appearance of braces. Invisalign braces are made from a clear plastic material, making them difficult to see. They are able to make anywhere from minor to moderate adjustments to the teeth.

Invisalign Advantages

Invisalign braces are an extremely popular option for patients that have alignment issues that they would like to resolve, but don’t want to deal with all of the hassle that comes with having traditional braces. Invisalign braces are much more comfortable, and aren’t as harsh on the lips and cheeks. They are also made with a clear plastic, making them almost invisible. This allows the patient to wear their braces without feeling self-conscious.

Another major advantage to Invisalign braces is the ease in which a patient can remove them. Invisalign braces are made up of a tray that can be removed whenever a patient would like. If the patient is eating, brushing their teeth, flossing or playing sports, they can easily remove the tray.

Along, with these excellent practical and cosmetic advantages, Invisalign braces really work. Patients see a dramatic change in the alignment of their teeth, and get the results that they are looking for (as long as the Invisalign braces are worn as suggested).

Invisalign Process

Invisalign braces are custom appliances, meaning your dentist will have them created for your specific teeth, and your specific needs. Before the custom tray is created, though, your dentist needs to take a look at your teeth and see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign braces. It’s important to note that general dentists, who have been properly trained, place Invisalign braces.

Once your dentist has approved the use of Invisalign to treat your alignment issues, they will perform a digital scan of your teeth using an iTero scanner which will show a simulation of your expected tooth movements. This scan is sent to a specialized computer. From there, your dentist can take a look at your teeth, and put together a plan for your specific needs. From there, your dentist will send the information to a lab to have your custom trays created. Once the trays have returned, your dentist will check to make sure the first tray fits.

The trays are intended to be swapped out every one to two weeks, depending on the difficulty of tooth movement. It’s important to visit your dentist every few months to make sure your Invisalign braces are producing the results that your dentist is looking for. It’s important to remember to wear your Invisalign braces for at least 20-22 hours a day. If they are not worn for the appropriate amount of time, the alignment process will be thrown off. If you stick to the plan and visit your dentist regularly, you’ll have amazing, straight teeth in no time.

Invisalign Cost & Insurance

While Invisalign braces are an excellent alternative to traditional braces, it is important to understand that they may cost a little a bit more than traditional braces. The full cost depends on the individual needs of the patient. Because Invisalign is still a form of braces, it’s quite possible that your dental insurance will cover at least a portion of the costs. Still, it is good to speak with your insurance company about coverage.

The cost will also depend on the general dentist or orthodontist that you select. Some orthodontists charge more than others, and the price difference may depend on a lot of factors—including the location of the practice. Invisalign braces are an excellent option for teeth alignment that are nearly invisible, comfortable and efficient. Speak with one of our qualified dentists about custom Invisalign braces.

Invisalign Before and After

Pictured is an actual Wake Dental Patient Invisalign Patient after a successful application of Invisalign Aligners.


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Why Orthodontics?

Braces are an excellent way to adjust your teeth so they are properly aligned, and where they should be. Braces help with a variety of alignment issues, including:

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Gaps Between Teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites

An excellent orthodontist is able to adjust your teeth over time into the smile that you’ve always dreamed of having.

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Types of Traditional Orthodontics

While people have an idea in their head of braces being one thing, there are actually a few different options when it comes to braces. These include:

Traditional Braces

Traditional or “metal” braces are what come to mind for a lot of patients that are considering having braces placed. These braces are able to adjust anywhere from minor to major alignment issues. While traditional braces are the most affordable option, they are also the most visible. For those looking to make adjustments without their braces being easily noticeable, traditional braces aren’t the best choice.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are braces that are actually fitted behind the teeth. This makes them nearly invisible. They are also more expensive, and can be more uncomfortable than traditional braces.

Ceramic Braces

For an option that is a little more difficult to notice, ceramic braces are a great option. They are very similar to traditional braces, except the bracket material is made from ceramic instead of metal.


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