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A gap in the teeth can be both annoying and unsightly. It can also be a major oral health risk. If you have a tooth (or teeth) that has fallen out, been knocked out or needs to be extracted, it’s extremely important to have the gap addressed - and to consider different tooth replacement options that may be available. One popular option for tooth replacement is a dental bridge.

What Are Dental Bridges?

While there are different types of dental bridges, a dental bridge essentially is a dental appliance that helps to “bridge” the gap left over from a missing tooth or missing teeth. Dental bridges often will have abutments secured on healthy teeth, with a pontic (false tooth or teeth) that bridges the gap.


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Issues a Dental Bridge Resolves

Dental bridges are an excellent solution for filling a gap left over from having a tooth or teeth knocked out, having a tooth or teeth fall out or having a tooth or teeth extracted.

Without something holding teeth in place, they may migrate over time. A dental bridge helps to prevent teeth from migrating and crowding. Dental bridges also make it easier to properly care for the surrounding teeth and gums - ensuring a patient’s overall oral health by allowing the patient to prevent any bacteria or decay from forming. Dental bridges can also help to keep the jawbone intact, and can help to prevent bone loss.

On top of all of the practical benefits, a dental bridge also is an excellent cosmetic solution to a gap in the smile. Many patients feel self-conscious when they have one or more teeth missing from their smile. A dental bridge helps to complete a patient’s smile—allowing them to show their teeth without being worried about people seeing gaps.

The Bridge Placement Process

Before anything else, you should visit your dentist if you have a tooth or teeth that have been knocked out or have fallen out. Do so as soon as possible. From there, your dentist will decide on which replacement option will be best for your needs. If they decide to place a dental bridge, they will decide on which type of bridge to place. The placement process will depend on the type of bridge that is chosen, but the most popular will be the traditional bridge.

If a traditional or cantilever bridge is chosen, the dentist will start by reshaping the healthy tooth or teeth on which the abutment or abutments will be placed. Before the mold or scan is sent out for the replacement to be created, your dentist will take a look at the color, shape and texture of your teeth to ensure a replacement is custom built to match your specific teeth. From there, they will take an impression or a digital scan for a replacement to be created. The mold or scan will be sent to a lab, where they will create the replacement.

Once the dental bridge is ready, they will check the fit and look of the bridge. If your dentist approves of the look and function of the dental bridge, they will place it with bonding cement.

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Types of Dental Bridges

While traditional bridges are the most popular, there are actually a few different options for dental bridges. Which option you end up with is a decision that will be made between your dentist and you. Below are three different types of dental bridges.

Traditional Bridges

When people discuss dental bridges, they are often speaking about traditional bridges. Traditional bridges consist of a pontic (false tooth or set of teeth) being held in place by two abutments (false crowns) that are placed on top of healthy teeth. This requires the reshaping of healthy teeth, and then the cementing of the crowns on top of the healthy teeth.

Cantilever Bridges

Much like traditional bridges, cantilever bridges involve the placement of a pontic that is held in place with an abutment. The main difference is that cantilever bridges require the placement of only one crown, instead of two.

Maryland Bridges

Maryland bridges are a little different than traditional and cantilever bridges. The main difference is what holds Maryland bridges in place. Maryland bridges are placed using a metal or porcelain frame, which holds the pontic in place. Because there is no abutment, there is no need to reshape healthy teeth.

Bridges or Implants?

While dental bridges are an excellent replacement option, a more secure and reliable option is a dental implant or implants. The reason a dentist may choose a dental bridge over implants, though, is that you may not be a good candidate for implants. Dental implants require the jawbone to be strong enough to handle the implant’s placement. If your jawbone is not strong enough or doesn’t have sufficient bone mass, an implant is not an option.

In order to ensure the bone mass and the integrity of the jawbone is available, visit your dentist as soon as a tooth is knocked out or falls out. You may still have the strength in your jawbone that is required for an implant.

Still, a dental bridge is an excellent option for replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth.

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