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While dental emergencies can strike anyone, patients who undergo regular preventative care decrease the need for visits in between regularly scheduled teeth cleanings and checkups. These routine teeth cleanings allow the patient to maintain healthy teeth, disease-free gums and a bright white smile.

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What Is a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

A deep teeth cleaning (also known as a scaling and root planing) is a dental procedure that involves a teeth cleaning below the gums of a patient. This is often utilized to treat issues such as gum disease, which may be impossible to properly fix without a deeper cleaning.

The process of a scaling and root planing procedure involves your dental hygienist or dentist removing the tartar and debris below the gum line—scaling along the root of the tooth. This is generally done with an ultrasonic scaling tool. Once the scaling process is complete, the hygienist or dentist smooths over the root—removing food debris and plaque.

Routine Cleaning & Checkup

To ensure great oral health, you’ll want to make sure to have your teeth cleaned regularly. You’ll also want to undergo routine checkups to ensure the health of your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks and jawbone.

A routine teeth cleaning involves a dental hygienist removing plaque and debris from your teeth—improving the health of your teeth, gums and mouth overall. This is done with a variety of different pieces of equipment that allow the hygienist to scrape away the tartar and debris—which can cause tooth decay and gum disease if not removed. They will also floss your teeth, to ensure all of the debris is removed. Once the tartar is removed, your hygienist may polish your teeth to increase their shine and boost their overall appearance.

Your dentist will also perform a checkup when you go for a teeth cleaning, which involves your dentist checking your teeth, gums tongue and cheeks to ensure their health. Your dentist may even take x-rays to check for decay they may have otherwise not been able to see, and to check the health of the jawbone.

Get Regular Checkups

Even if you were able to perfectly clean your teeth in between teeth cleanings and checkups, you would still need to go to your dentist to ensure your continued oral health. This is because your dentist is able to check for a variety of oral health issues that often go unnoticed by patients until they begin to cause serious damage.

During a routine checkup, your dentist will check for:

  • Cavities
  • Gum Disease
  • Cancer
  • Bone Loss in the Jaw
  • Tooth Decay
  • Damage to Teeth
  • Other Oral Health Issues

If you visit your dentist regularly, you significantly increase your chances of avoiding a major oral health crisis. Your dentist will be able to recognize, diagnose and treat oral health issues before they have a chance to develop and even spread. If you don’t regularly visit the dentist,
you may need to undergo a variety of procedures to restore your oral health—including a deep cleaning.

Cleaning & Checkups for Children

Even though your child will eventually lose their baby teeth, their oral health is still extremely important to encourage the proper development of their permanent teeth, to keep their mouth clean and healthy and to avoid pain and discomfort. Part of your child’s oral healthcare is taking them to the dentist regularly for checkups and teeth cleanings.

The first trip to the dentist should be at around twelve months. Even if your child hasn’t fully developed all of their baby teeth, it is important for your dentist to have a look at the development of your baby’s teeth to ensure they are emerging properly.

As your children grow older, they’ll need to begin taking care of their own oral health—which includes brushing, flossing and rinsing. Even if you show them how to do a great job, they may not take as good of care as necessary to avoid gum disease and cavities. Regular checkups and cleanings will help to diagnose these issues early, and handle them before they develop any further. It will also give your dentist a chance to speak with your children about how to properly brush, floss and rinse.

How Often Should I visit Dentist?

It is important for you to visit your dentist every six months for a routine teeth cleaning and checkup. This will help to ensure proper oral health, while also removing stains and discoloration that may have occurred between teeth cleanings. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, that’s okay. You can schedule an appointment today, and begin the six month cycle with your next visit to the dentist.

If you have dental insurance, it is likely that the insurance will cover at least two teeth cleanings a year. Make sure that you take advantage of these two cleanings! If you need to visit the dentist for issues between cleanings, speak with your insurance company about coverage.

Make sure you visit your dentist if you are experiencing any pain, swelling, discomfort of discoloration of the gums or teeth. These may be signs of decay, disease or other oral health issues.

Make sure you have your next dental cleaning and checkup scheduled. If not, schedule a cleaning today.

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