How Much Do Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

There are many factors going into the final cost of your dental bridge cary north carolina such as your particular set of circumstances and the type of bridge you are going to require. The different bridges require different procedures which of course translate to varying costs. We’ll look at the four different variations and the cost ranges associated with each.

The Traditional Dental Bridge

The most common bridge used today; this is when you have one tooth missing and the two adjacent teeth, which are called the abutment teeth, will each receive a crown to support the artificial tooth going in between them. The procedure requires several visits as the first dental impression is made to give the dental lab a roadmap. Then the anchor teeth are prepped for their crowns. After the bridge is made in the lab the crowns are cemented on the abutment teeth with the artificial tooth, the pontic, permanently affixed to the crowns. This first bridge can range in cost between $3000 and $4,500. Another contributing factor is the material used by the lab for the crowns and the pontic, whether they will be made from ceramic or porcelain with metal.

The Cantilever Bridge

Conceptually much like the traditional bridge except you and your dentist only have one abutment tooth or anchor tooth to work with. So the prep is now just preparing one tooth for a crown. The artificial tooth is then bonded to that crown. The range for a cantilever bridge will be around $2000 to $2,700.

The Maryland Bridge

The Maryland Bridge still requires two anchor teeth, but these teeth will not receive crowns. The artificial tooth is mounted on a wire frame and this frame is then bonded to the back of the anchor teeth. The lab has as much work creating this bridge, the pontic is still made from either ceramic or porcelain, but your anchor teeth are not shaved down to accept a crown. This is possibly a transition approach if you on a later date wish to pursue a dental implant. The cost of this dental bridge ranges from $800 to $2,500.

The Implant Supported Bridge

If you are missing three teeth in a row you will want to consider two implants and then a bridge attached to each of the implants. You now introduce the cost of the implants, around $2-3,000 each (with the needed abutments), and bridge, $3,000 to $4,500.

The Reasons and the Benefits

Whether it was a decision made to extract a tooth or an unfortunate accident, each of us will experience totally different circumstances. You may find that your jawbone will not support an implant leaving the dental bridge as your only solution. It may be that your dental insurance influences your decision. Either way, do not sell short the positive effects of the results of a bridge on recovering your smile, your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Even the ability to bite and chew again will be rewarding. The cost of your dental bridge is all relative to your quality of life.

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