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After Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease. The purpose of the treatment is to remove bacterial plaque and tartar from around teeth and under the gum line. The goal is to produce clean, smooth teeth and roots, which will promote healing of the inflammation and infection of gum disease. 

Care of your Mouth
Start brushing, flossing, and continue your prescribed oral hygiene regime immediately. You may have to GO EASY at first, but make every effort to keep your mouth plaque free. We recommend rinsing your mouth several times on the day of treatment, with warm salt water (use 1/4 tsp salt to 8 oz. water).

Peridex                                                                                                                                                                                                                  We will provide you with a bottle of Peridex, which is a 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate solution that is used extensive in the medical and dental world as a powerful antiseptic.  This will keep the number of bacteria in your mouth at a minimum to promote healing of the gum tissue.  Please rinse with 15 mL for 30 seconds twice a day for 2 weeks.  Any prolonged use of the Peridex rinse could result in unwanted staining of the teeth. 

Some discomfort is expected when the anesthesia wears off. Usually a couple of ibuprofen will eliminate any discomfort. Sensitivity to cold or touch may temporarily occur. Removing all plaque from the tooth surfaces and bruising with a fluoride tooth paste or fluoride that we may prescribe will usually reduce or eliminate sensitivity in a day or two.

Your next meal should be soft. Avoid any hard, gritty foods such as peanuts, popcorn, chips, hard bread for at least 3-4 days. Also, it is best to avoid hot, spicy foods and alcohol for at least 24 hours.

Slight bleeding may continue for several hours following the procedure. This is not unusual and should stop. If bleeding persists beyond a few hours, please call our office.

Very seldom does swelling occur. If it does, rinse your mouth every couple of hours with warm salt water. (use 1/4 tsp salt to 8 oz. water).

Please refrain from smoking for 24 hours or longer after scaling and root planning procedures. Tobacco use interferes with the healing.

Avoid any aerobic activity for the rest of the day; e.g., jogging, tennis, racket ball, anything strenuous. Take it easy.

What to expect next...

Following a deep cleaning, we will see you again in 4-6 weeks to re-evaluate your gum tissues to make sure they have responded appropriately to our treatment.  At this time we will also do a "fine scale" where we do a basic cleaning to remove any additional tarter build up and polish your teeth.  If we feel your gums have responded appropriately, we will then see you every 3 months for what we call "periodontal maintenance" cleanings.  If your gums did not respond as we had anticipated, we may refer you to a "periodontist" which is a dental specialist who treat oral conditions associated with the gums and bone supporting the teeth.